Singapore Zoo has a new baby giraffe

SINGAPORE — This baby giraffe is the Singapore Zoo's newest addition. Yet to be named, the calf is just over a month old, and is the first giraffe born in the Singapore Zoo in 28 years. See also: Baby giraffe and elephant are best pals despite height difference The zoo said the male calf is now 2.3 m tall, and was already 1.9 m at birth. Zookeepers separated him from the rest of the herd in his first month to allow him and his mother to bond, and he's just been newly reintroduced to the rest. The baby and his mum.Image: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE Image: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE Image: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE The baby in the enclosure with his herd.Image: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORETogether with his father, Growie, and mother, Roni, the zoo has a fourth female giraffe named Lucy. Roni and Lucy arrived in Singapore in 2005 from Israel, and Growie came that year from the Netherlands. The zoo is so excited about the baby's birth that it's launched a new website for him in celebration. Visitors can see all four giraffes at their exhibit at the zoo. Have something to add to this story? Share it in the comments.